Bevenovo Reformed Idle Facility To Produce Animal Protein
In order to catch the market and enlarge the production line, Bevenovo has been reformed its idle facility to produce the animal protein including fish meal, poultry meal and feather meal, which make sure that Bevenovo owns it own feed materials production bases
Bevenovo Has Started Its Business For Pet Food Domestic Market
The pet market in China is growing very quickly, Bevenovo has invest into a production line for research and produce pet food especially for dog and cat which mainly for China market since the year of 2014, and we aim to set up a new sales network in all the world in the future


Bevenovo Has Jointed The Exhibiton Of Vietstock In Vietnam
Bevenovo Co., Limited has jointed the Vietstock exhibition in Vietnam in the year of 2014 to meet customers and advertise its brand to Vietnam local market, Vietstock is the Vietnam's Premier International Feed, Livestock & Meat Industry Show and hold every two years
Bevenovo Has Jointed VIV Exhibition And Got Positive Result
VIV is the global brand of trade shows, conferences and events based on the 'Feed to Meat' supply chain, Bevenovo has exhibited and jointed the VIV exhibition in the year of 2014, meeting customers and advertise its brand to the world again
Bevenovo Accept The Audit From Veterinary Committee In European Union
Since Bevenovo has got the Fami-QS certificate for enter into Europe market, so that in the year of 2014, the veterinary committee in Europe union has checked and audit the business of Bevenovo Co., Limited for its Europe market development, the committee praise our work and the result is very positive for explore Europe market


Bevenovo Intending To Establish A New Factory For Choline Chloride
Based on the requirement of environmental protection from local authority, and also based on the sales quantity increased every year, Bevenovo has intended to invest to establish a new factory for produce choline chloride to reach the production capacity at 50000tons per year
Bevenovo Has Been Certified By SGS For Fami-QS
FAMI-QS is a pioneer in its field as it is the only certifiable code specifically aimed at specialty feed ingredients and their mixtures, also Fami-QS is the acceptable mechanism for enter into the Europe market, we are very glad that Bevenovo Co., Limited can approval by SGS for the Fami-QS request and prove it management ability


Bevenovo Has Cooperated With Sinosure For Risk Control
China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) is a state-funded policy-oriented insurance company established for insure the risk for foreign trade and economic cooperation, by cooperated with Sinosure, Bevenovo Co., Limited can enhance its ability for risk control
Bevenovo Has Exhibited And Jointed VIV Exhibition
Through 4Years development, Bevenovo Co., Limited has jointed the VIV exhibition in the year of 2012 to meet customers and advertise its brand to all world, VIV is the most professional and famous exhibitions in animal husbandry in world
Bevenovo Has Been Certified By SGS For ISO 9001
In the year of 2012, Bevenovo has got the certificate of ISO 9001 from SGS for it management system, this can enhace the management of Bevenovo for ensure the quality of cargo and improve its working efficiency


Bevenovo Has Established Its Branch In Vietnam
During the business development, Bevenovo has been set up its own branch in Vietnam for sell and offer after sales service for the product of choline chloride, the sales quantity has been reach 4000tons per year only for choline chloride


Bevenovo Has Improved Its Company Structure
Bevenovo has been improved and reorganized its company structure to be suitable for its exportation business and local business, to get this aim, Bevenovo Co., Limtied has establish the shipping department to take care for paper and shipping business to be a more professional team for international work


Start To Cooperate With Alibaba.com For B2B Business
The B2B online business has already becomes a main way to do business, so that Bevenovo Co., Limtied has joined the B2B online project during the year of 2009 to catch the new trends, in this year, Bevenovo has becomes the golden suppliers in alibaba.com
Invest For The Dicalcium Phosphate Factory
In order to get more market, Bevenovo Co., Limited has invest and take share for the factory to produce Dicalcium Phosphate and the production capacity is 10000tons per year, in the last half year, Bevenovo has also researched and produce its updated products of Mono-Dicalcium Phosphate with phosphate of 21%


Start For Exportation Of Choline Chloride and Betaine
Bevenovo Co., Limited has been invest and take share of the factory to produce Choline Chloride and Betaine HCL since 2008 and the production capacity is 15000tons per year, with the purpose of especially for export the feed additives, the exportation quantity has reach 3000tons at the first beginning year