About Us

By the increasing of sales volume to create a good brand effect and whereby enhance our relationship with customers, our strategy is to be a real global commercial corporation, by cooperate with distributors across world or set up our own branch to build an efficient and organized sales network to offer service to meet the needs of customers and end-users.

    ●  From 1992 until now, we have engaged in the animal nutritional and health care field for more than 27 years.

    ●  1992 years, we have supply the feed premix to the local market customer as the first deal, then we extend our trading business to the whole domestic market step by step, 1998 years, we have established first factory named “Jinji Feed Company” which producing feed premix for serve domestic customers.

    ●  2008 years, we have formally explore the International market and established Bevenovo Corporation Limited to be the market entity.

    ●  Also we start veterinary medicine, disinfectant, aquatic products under GMP standard workshop for poultry, livestock and aquaculture start at 2017.

    ●  Pet products unit has also start at 2019 to explore for the retail market.

Until now, more than 11 years exploration for international market, we have already export to more than 20 countries and serve more than 100 customers in the world, based on our ability and the understanding of the market, we are continuously research and produce more applicable product for every different client.

Our GMP Workshop And Feed Factory

We have and invest for both GMP workshop and feed factory for supply from antibiotic and feeds for animal growth, more than 11 years experience makes us understand more for the market and hope we can be your partner for long time

We trade with:

  • Asia
  • Australia
  • Africa
  • South America
  • Middle East

Our companies ideal"satisfy the customer and never stop the service"ensures strict quality control standards, that has enabled Bevenovo to become a major supplier to the most quality conscious markets Globally.

International Division

  • Justin Li

    Operation Manager
    Email: sales@bevenovo.com
    Tel./Whatsapp: 86-13053374649

  • Shirley Li

    Shipping Manager
    Email: sales.a@bevenovo.com

  • Lorita Xu

    Sales Manager
    Email: sales.d@bevenovo.com
    Tel./Whatsapp: 86-15553331863