Feed Additives

Feed Additives

Choline Chloride
Choline Chloride

Choline Chloride is widely used as a kind of feed additive and it is the best form of choline salts, the main function of choline chloride is to supply methyl group in cellular formation. It is in fact an essential component for ensuring the proper functioning of the nervous system. Many animals, such as poultry, livestock and fish have heavy requirements to choline chloride, its shortage will result in a retarded growing, uncoordinated movements, and poor fertility etc.,


Carrier: Corn Cob

Content : 50%min; 60%min

TMA : 300PPM max

Loss on drying : 2% max

Heavy metal : 0.002% max

Fineness through (20 mesh) : 95% min passes


Carrier: Silicon

Content : 50%min; 60%min

TMA : 300PPM max

Loss on drying : 18% max

Heavy metal : 0.002% max

Fineness through (40 mesh) : 95% min passes


Content : 70%min; 75%min

PH value : 6.0 - 8.0

Trimethylamine : 300 PPM max

Glycol : 0.50% max

Ash 0.20% max

Heavy metal (Pb) : 0.002% max

Packing, Shelf life and Storage

25 kg/ bags, Shelf life is 12 months

Stored in dry conditions in closed bags, make full use in short term after the packing is opened

Betaine HCL
Betaine HCL

Betaine has been used for many years in feeds, and its main function is to serve as a methyl donor and partly replace of methionine and choline chloride to reduce the production cost, the effectiveness of betaine to be the methyl donor is 1.8 times than 50% choline chloride and 2.6 times than DL-methionine


Content Assay: 98%min

Loss on drying: 1% max

Residue on ignition: 1% max

Arsenic Salt (As) 0.0001 max

Heavy metals (Pb): 0.002% max


(1) Promote the metabolism of fat and increase the lean meat rate of livestock and poultry
(2) Improving the quality of meat and lowering the ratio of feed against meat
(3) Improve the appetite of animals and promote the growth rate
(4) Betaine can be the buffering substance for the stress reaction 

(5) Maintain the stability of vitamins, especially VA, VB in feed 

Packing And Storage

25kg/ bag, Stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place    


Garlicin possesses wide rang and strong inducing feeding functions, wide-spectrum and intense mold preventive functions. It can be widely used in animal production as bactericide, insecticide, toxinicide, flavors and so forth, with high performances and low cost. The main contents of garlicin which both chemical synthesized and natural extracted have the same function. But the effective contents density of chemical synthesizes one is higher than natural extracted one. 


Appearance: free flowing, white or whitish powder
Odor: strong and specific garlic odor
Contents: 90% min

We can also supply 98%liquid, and other powder grade according to the customer’s requirements

Dosage recommendation

The following diagram can be as a reference for 25% type:

Chicken and Duck : 50-200g

Fish, Shrimp, Crab and Turtle : 50-400g

Piglet : 100-300g

Mid-Pig : 150-300g

Mid-Pig : 150-350g


(1) Widely bacteria inhibition. 
It can inhibit the G+ and G- bacteria strongly; experiments showed that 1ppm garlic agent can effectively restrain the reproduction of bacteria and replace of antibiotics partly. It has remarkable effects on preventing the livestock and poultry's diarrhea, enteritis, hemorrhage, coccidiosis and the rotten-lamella, red-spot, enteritis and hemorrhage of fish, shrimp, crab and turtle. At the mean time, it has no depressant effect on the beneficial bacterium, such as Lactobacillus casei etc.
(2) Promote feed intake 
Garlicin contains groups that can release strong natural fragrance. It can alter the feed's natural flavoring and the peculiar smell produced by some kinds of feed additive and medicine. 
Moreover, it can stimulate the feed's ingestion, increase the secretion of gastric juice and promote the growth speed 
(3)Anti-mildew and detoxification
It has the eradication function on mould such as Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus fumigatu etc. also it can prevent the feedstuff to be mould, prolongation the storage time of feedstuff, antipyretic and antitoxic, significantly improve the feedstuff quality
(4) No toxicity and side effect. 
Garlicin has no remains in animal body and does not produce overlapping drug-fast. It can be used in succession and has special functions of resisting virus and increasing egg's fertilization rate

Packing and Storage

25kg/ bag 

Stored in a cool, dry place in a tightly sealed container and away from sunlight and heat.


Specification 1%


It is high-efficiency and low-toxic insecticide preparations, mainly used to kill fly, mosquitoes, cockroaches, cockroaches, and parasites in livestock and poultry, have special effects on killing diptera insects.

Function characteristics

1. This product can be mixed with the feed or by drinking water and enters the animal through the feeding of the animal, the fly can be excreted with feces with remarkable effect, it does not affect the growth of livestock and poultry, also not affect for egg production and survival rate
2. Effectively preventing the occurrence of summer heatstroke for livestock and poultry, and effectively preventing the occurrence of blood worm disease in livestock
3. It can be naturally decomposed in the soil, when the manure is used as fertilizer, it has no adverse effect on crops, and can reduce the odor and ammonia content in livestock houses and reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases
4. No residue, this product is not easy to absorb in animals, basically all excreted with manure, No allergic reaction to the skin, Non-toxic reactions for predators such as birds, fish, crickets, bees, etc.

Usage and dosage

1. Mix into feeds: 250g per 500-1000 kg of feed for pig, chicken, sheep and cattle;
2. Drinking water: 200kg per 100g water
3. When the fly starts to living, feeding for 4-6 weeks, then stop feeding for 4-6 weeks, then use again for 4-6 weeks
4. This method can be used repeatedly in the fly breeding season to effectively control the number of flies.


1. Avoid getting children in contact
2. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing, ash out when inadvertently contacted
3. Avoid inhaling dust during mixing and feeding

Withdrawal time: Chicken 10days
Storage: sealed, kept in a cool, dry place
Validity: Two years