Feed Concentrates

Feed Concentrates

Feed Concentrates
Feed Concentrates

Bevenovo is a leading manufacturer and exporter for a wide range of animal feed products, under the brand of “NutriMax”, the business scope already included feed ingredients, feed supplements and additives, feed premix and concentrates, custom ingredient blends and specialty feed, by start animal feed production since 1992 years, we have rich experience which can enabling our customers to optimize the cost-effectiveness solutions  for farm animal and aquaculture breeding and get more profit for business growth

Manufacturing Capabilities:

Vitamin Premixes
Mineral Premixes
Vitamin-Trace Mineral Premixes
Nutrition Lick Brick
Milk Replacer
Dry Ingredient Blends
Feed Energy Concentrates
Feed Protein Concentrates
Animal Nutrition Concentrates

Feed Ingredients:

Corn Gluten Meal
Soy protein concentrates
Fish meal
Meat and bone meal
Single cell protein
Feed yeast meal

For inquiry, technical support or assistance
Please send email to info@bevenovo.com or call at 86-533-3147374