Alibaba.com is an advacing business-to-business website which has much experience for assisting China enterprise to explore the International market, Bevenov is now fully cooperate with Aliabab.com for more than 5years for the market promotion for its feed additives, we have sent our best sales to attending this training course for 7days and hope this will enhance our cometitive for the market and can offer you better service and better communication

Dated on March and July, our sales people of Bevenovo has attended the training courses which organized by Alibaba.com, Right now, Bevenovo will study more from Alibaba.com for the online marketing method, and will online more functions on our company website of www.bevenovo.com inlcuding the cargo tracking service, questionnaire survey and RSS to convenice customers to understand and know more about us

This training courses are mainly including for how to better communicate with customers through email and how to prepare all the documents which can be good for recommend customers for their easy understand the advantage of our products, during the traning course, our people also play games with other companies, this makes not only our teams, but all the teams which attend this training course will be more working tightly and together, we will continuously organise our people to attend such traning course and will be very good for the cooperation not only for our team but also for cooperate with our customers


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