Dated on July,04, Bevenovo has passed the Europe standard of Fami-QS for choline chloride and betaine HCL

In order to explore the Europe market and enhance the confidence of our customers for the products quality and management, we have applied the Fami-QS and audited by SGS since the begining of this year, through our effort for improve mangement system, we have now already passed the Fami-QS certification for the choline chloride and betaine HCL, please welcome to contact us for more information regarding the price, quality and certificate

The management for Fami-QS mainly including for staff management, supplier audit, complaint settling, crisis management and customer satisfaction investigation etc., we are aim to continuously improve ourself through those points and also carry on the PDCA (plan-do-check-action) steps to satisfy with customers, the Fami-QS certificate as follows

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