Date from Nov,21 to Dec,01, our sales manager of Mr. Justin and general manager of Mr. Yuanchang visited the famous feedmills in Vietnam including jafar feed, greenfeed, vinh hoan feed and thanh loi feedmills etc., during this meeting, we have introduced Bevneovo face to face and make several business agreement with customers, we believe this meeting will enhance the relationship with customers and good for the long term cooperation, we are now focus more on Vietnam and south east market and hope to enlarge our market share in there

Aslo during this meeting, we have invited customers to visit our new facotry which will be complete established in Octomber, 2014, the new factory will be around 38,000square meter with all new advanced equipments for produce the best quality choline chloride and betaine for satisfy customers, we hope more customers can visit our new factory to enhance the understanding for each other

Bevenovo Co., Ltd.