Sinosure was officially launched and entered into full operations on 18 December 2001, Sinosure has successfully set up its organizational structure, consolidated its operational systems and extended its range of services. In support of its goal to establish a modern financial institution, Sinosure has adopted a streamlined, project-oriented organizational structure and recruited a high-quality team of professionals.
We, Bevenovo are now fully employ the short-term export credit insurance, this can provides Bevenovo as exporter with guarantees for payment risk in doing export or re-export from China by the way of L/C, D/P, D/A, or OA, all bearing a term of one year, the insurance range include all our products as choline, betaine, phosphate and protein, it can assit us to offer credit to our regular customer when necessary for long terms cooperations like the delay payment, usance letter of credit or 100% T/T after the shippment leaved etc.

The year of 2014 is the second year for us to cooperated with Sinosure, especially after our new choline chloride factory finish constructions, we hope sinosure can help us more for enlarge the market share based on the finance insurance, and any questions for the credit, please just send us email to info@bevenovo.com and we will feedback to you soon
Bevenovo Co., Ltd.
April, 01, 2014