The market of pet food and products in China has been developed very quickly and provide much growth potential in the future, by the year of 2010, there is around 150million dogs and cats as the main kinds of pet in China, the total volume of pet industry can be around 300 million US dollars when compare tot he total world’s turnover which take ratio around 7%

However, although the market for pet food and products has been rapidly growth in the last few years, the China market is not mature because a part of people who breeding pet still doesn’t have the right awareness for pet food, so that the pet industry still has much further development

Right now, Bevenovo has establish a project to study the market for pet food and products, and will do some trial sales work in China domestic market, in the future, we are ready to produce the pet food mainly for main food of dog and cat, also include pet snack food as well, the first step, the main market will be China, the next step will be export pet food to abroad and establish our own brand as well, the further progress will be listed on our news and welcome to contact us if you have any need or questions

Bevenovo Co., Ltd.
April, 06, 2014