The meat and bone meal is under development based on our lab and we believe the trial production will be started very soon

Meat and bone meal or processed animal protein is a good source of protein which can be used in animal feed for improve growth by protein supplement, meanwhile, the meat and bone meal also can be used in pet food and it allowed to be used in aquaculture from June, 2013 by EU approval
Meat and bone meal is produced by fresh by products from animal slaughter, and the production process including grinding, separating fat, and heating under certain pressure, the color will be changed from light brown to brown color depending on the production process, the raw materials can be come from poultry by products, but it is definitely not allowed to feeding to ruminate animal especially for cattle to avoid BSE, however, it is safe for monogastric animal such as poultry, duck etc., also it is a good feed raw materials for pet food
The protein content of Bevenovo's meat and bone meal has three types as 45%min, 50%min and 55%min, the specifications is ash 35%max, crude Fat 10%max, moisture: 10%max, also our meat and bone meal has balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus as 5%-10% to 2.5%-5%
Welcome to contact us if you have any interesting for meat and bone meal (MBM), also the feather meal and fish meal are under development plan, please keep to visit our website or contact us for any further news and products information

Bevenovo Co., Ltd.
April, 16, 2014